she blinded me with science


This Saturday will be the March for Science London, which I have been helping out with. Not in a makeup sense, but more of a moderation, bits of admin here and there kind of sense. A very interesting experience!

There are plenty of reasons to support science these days, but in terms of possible readers of this blog, cosmetic science has given us the wonderful, delightful makeup which we do so adore. If you fancy joining us at the march, there is lots of information on the site, lovingly designed by my very own Mr HSoG! Knock up a sign, and come along.



So onto today’s look, I thought, with incredible imagination as ever, why not something science-themed? I searched for some space vector graphics on google images, and carefully drew them on my eyelid with some black Bourjois liquid eyeliner. White eyeshadow is from Makeup Revolution, and I also used L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara.

So there we are. Hopefully back soon with something more exciting, and maybe see you at the march!

– hazy shade of glitter

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lovin’ the lindy bop

My love of showing off is not just limited to makeup, I also adore clothes, shoes, bags and more cheap jewellery than a five year old at a disney princess party could dream of. Anything retro, with fun colours and interesting patterns, I’m totally there. So it was with great joy that I discovered the clothes at Lindy Bop.

They had a sale on (and still do now!) where I found a fitted red lace dress and a beautiful dark blue wiggle dress, with a pattern of tiny stars, alien ships and planets.

Here are some terrible pictures taken in my bedroom. Be proud, because I tidied up the crap behind me first.


– hazy shade of glitter