leopard print

Since the first and only picture, currently in the about me section, is leopard print eye makeup, I figured that seemed as good a place as any to start.

I’d been mucking around with various combos of eyeshadow and eyeliner colours* for a while, and perfecting my eyeliner application (even on public transport, the sort of skill that should go on a cv).

But I hadn’t yet properly drawn designs on the lids.

Two things sort of combined in my mind: 1) a picture on Facebook of my cousin rocking an excellent leopard print coat; and, 2) I used to draw leopard print designs on my nails.

Could I do it on the eyes? Worth a crack, surely?

So, I used two colours from the ELF Little Black Beauty Book Cool (a gold and copper). I applied the gold all over the lid and up over the crease. No special technique there, I whack a load on the applicator, and put it on as far as I like. Then repeating the same whacking a load on the applicator technique I’d used previously, I put the copper along the crease, and then across the outer corner of the eyelid.

Next, I used Bourjois Liner Pinceau Eyeliner in black, and lined the top lid, winging it out as far as the previously applied eyeshadow. Then… started freehand drawing little blobs and circles that sort of resembled leopard print.

And, er, that was it. A bit of mascara to finish. I’m a fan of L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes, at the mo, but that will probably change once it runs out.

Here I am modelling my first attempt with wet hair and a hoodie. Only the most glamorous of photos**.

leopardprint2small2To be fair, it turned out more elegant*** than I expected. I was hoping for full on Pat Butcher trashy (clearly a look I can only aspire to). I shared it with a few friends, who seemed decidely more impressed than I. Huh, I thought, maybe I should draw some more stuff…

…to be continued.

– hazy shade of glitter

*i will cover these
**okay, filtered. My usual trick is good lighting
***to me, it’s possible my elegance scale is calibrated slightly differently