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Happy World Goth Day, apparently, although maybe wishing the happy bit doesn’t quite work.

ironfistdressIt’s summer, the time of year where everyone is getting “beach ready” and wearing floaty summer dresses and all that. Except me. I’m the sort of pale that could have got a bit part in Twilight without needing makeup. Alabaster, a very kind friend calls my skin. But in any case, it leaves you few style options when everyone is going with sunkissed and tanned. So screw that, lets just go Morticia Addams.

I’ve already got myself the perfect spooky frock for summer from the wonderful Iron Fist. This picture also highlights the sort of pale skin we’re talking about here, so, yeah, no sun for me.

morticiaAnd onto the makeup! Now, as much as I love Carolyn Jones as Morticia, makeup inspiration has to come from Anjelica Huston’s Morticia. Basically, you need two or three colours minimum, plus a crapload of eyeliner. I chose a gold over the lids, a dark purple for the crease and winged out to the side, and then sparkly white for under the brow (and also tapped a bit over the lid). I used all three from the ELF Little Black Beauty Book Cool. Blending with your finger is also pretty useful here, to give it more of that smoky look. Line top and bottom with liquid eyeliner, and then the water line with a kohl pencil. I didn’t wing it out too far here, but you can do if you want. Then, as Enid Blyton* might put it if she was totally into makeup, lashings of mascara.

 – hazy shade of glitter

*yes, yes, she didn’t even say it!

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cleopatra, comin’ atcha

It’s Friday, folks, so that means it’s time for some big ol’ makeup.

And you can’t get bigger* than pharaoh-chic. Now, I guess I probably should have done this properly, and researched types of makeup, but instead I just looked at some pictures of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, because… well, it’s Elizabeth motherflipping Taylor. And that eyeliner is just amaze.

So, I picked three colours from the ELF Little Black Beauty Book Cool – a light blue that goes everywhere, a gold for the lid, and a white for just a little dab at the inner corner.

Then it’s time for the eyeliner. I used a Superdrug kohl pencil first just to lightly mark out the line, and then went over it in Bourjois liquid liner. I also used the kohl to do the water line, and whacked a bit round my eyebrow too. I might have to investigate some of these brow powders and stuff (brow like cara? boy, I’m so out of the loop).

Then lots of mascara. Like seriously, pile it on. You could get false ones, but no word of a lie, eyelash glue terrifies me, to a very real degree. I’m not a convert yet.


– hazy shade of glitter

*or can you…?

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outside my window is a tree

A while ago, I’d been messing around with different combinations of eyeshadows and eyeliner to make sunsets and scenery. I look at photos and vector graphics of sunsets and fields and trees and things, and then try to combine them in my mind, and then on my eye. Sometimes more successfully than others.

This was one such experiment. Unfortunately, I can’t remember exactly what brand of eyeshadows I used, but at a guess it would have been various colours from the bright eye makeup palettes made by ELF, Makeup Revolution and Max Factor… Anyway, a pale yellow all over the lid, followed by two greens near the lashes, basically any two that looked like fields and grass. Then a bright orange above the yellow, and along the underneath of the eyebrow. I then used a Superdrug brand white eye pencil, to make the rays of the sun in the centre of the lid.

Next, out came the Bourjois Liner Pinceau (is it possible to love an inanimate object? I feel deep affection for this eyeliner), and firstly, I lined the top lid to give a base for sunsettreegrass/bushes/rushes. I created these by doing little flicks and blobs up from and along the line. Then I started on the tree. I usually draw an outline very lightly with the eyeliner, then start filling it in. For the leaves, I just carefully dabbed the tip over the various branches. To finish, I added a few birds. Again, that was just using the tip of the brush very carefully to create different ‘bird in flight’ shapes.

– hazy shade of glitter