International Cat Day

Here it is, everyone. The internet’s favourite day! (“Isn’t that every day?”, cat lovers cry). Luminaries such as the Guardian have been joining in the celebrations, with this call for underwhelming photos of “average cats” (as if such a thing exists), The Pool have chosen some “feline-themed” tracks, whereas the Metro has gone for the evergreen “What your favourite cat says about you?“.

So of course, I must join in, with the only skill I possess – propensity to wield an eyeliner brush for some, at times, frankly bizarre designs.


Today’s is no different. Due to feeling a little lazy about sketching an entire cat on my eyelid, I thought, why not just use my pupil as the albeit slightly more rotund body of a cat? Decision made, I whacked on a bit of pink over and above the lid, from the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Acid Bright Eyeshadow, then carefully drew a head and some ears above my pupil with black liquid eyeliner (Bourjois, naturally), then under the bottom lashes, drew a little tail to the outer corner of the eye. I finished up by lining the lash line with some kohl, and finished up with some mascara!

– hazy shade of glitter

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mysterious and spooky


Happy World Goth Day, apparently, although maybe wishing the happy bit doesn’t quite work.

ironfistdressIt’s summer, the time of year where everyone is getting “beach ready” and wearing floaty summer dresses and all that. Except me. I’m the sort of pale that could have got a bit part in Twilight without needing makeup. Alabaster, a very kind friend calls my skin. But in any case, it leaves you few style options when everyone is going with sunkissed and tanned. So screw that, lets just go Morticia Addams.

I’ve already got myself the perfect spooky frock for summer from the wonderful Iron Fist. This picture also highlights the sort of pale skin we’re talking about here, so, yeah, no sun for me.

morticiaAnd onto the makeup! Now, as much as I love Carolyn Jones as Morticia, makeup inspiration has to come from Anjelica Huston’s Morticia. Basically, you need two or three colours minimum, plus a crapload of eyeliner. I chose a gold over the lids, a dark purple for the crease and winged out to the side, and then sparkly white for under the brow (and also tapped a bit over the lid). I used all three from the ELF Little Black Beauty Book Cool. Blending with your finger is also pretty useful here, to give it more of that smoky look. Line top and bottom with liquid eyeliner, and then the water line with a kohl pencil. I didn’t wing it out too far here, but you can do if you want. Then, as Enid Blyton* might put it if she was totally into makeup, lashings of mascara.

 – hazy shade of glitter

*yes, yes, she didn’t even say it!

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she blinded me with science


This Saturday will be the March for Science London, which I have been helping out with. Not in a makeup sense, but more of a moderation, bits of admin here and there kind of sense. A very interesting experience!

There are plenty of reasons to support science these days, but in terms of possible readers of this blog, cosmetic science has given us the wonderful, delightful makeup which we do so adore. If you fancy joining us at the march, there is lots of information on the site, lovingly designed by my very own Mr HSoG! Knock up a sign, and come along.



So onto today’s look, I thought, with incredible imagination as ever, why not something science-themed? I searched for some space vector graphics on google images, and carefully drew them on my eyelid with some black Bourjois liquid eyeliner. White eyeshadow is from Makeup Revolution, and I also used L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara.

So there we are. Hopefully back soon with something more exciting, and maybe see you at the march!

– hazy shade of glitter

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happy pi(e) day

So it’s Pi Day, that illustrious celebration when fans of maths and baked pastry dishes* set aside their differences, and come together in celebration of the humble pi or pie.

In reality, of course, I don’t think it’s actually pie day, but us Brits do love a homophone, so pies get a lot of love too.

With that in mind, I decided to draw a quick sketch of a pie. Definitely not the numbers, since that would just be, well, numbers, and truthfully I thought it would be funnier to draw an actual pie. Although the more I think about it, it’s probably not that funny. Or I piedaycould have just drawn the symbol. Crap, and it would have been a subtle reference to The Net too.

If that wasn’t enough, just after I’d finished it and taken some pictures, and while mr hsog** was making some lunch, there was a knock at the door. I was about to answer it when I suddenly remembered the not too subtle pie on my eyelid, panicked and got mr hsog to go instead, hoping he’d tell ’em to bugger off. It was, unfortunately, someone about the boiler***, who had to come in, while I hid in the dining**** room hastily cleaning a pie off my eye. Now henceforth known as PieLid.

– hazy shade of glitter

*not that these are mutually exclusive
**a shortening of hazy shade of glitter, in case that code was to hard to crack, which serves to protect the identity of mr hsog, although really if you know who I am, you probably know who he is, and frankly, I’m not trying that hard at all
***in my head I can hear “my, what a gripping life you do lead”
****it’s a room with a table and chairs, a piano and a computer. We rarely dine in it, but the naming convention has stuck

stronger than a powered up pac-man

Hey gang, let’s get retro.

Twas Sunday afternoon, I was whiling away the time, listening to themes from games I liked and chiptunes, you know, like you do. At some point, Anamanaguchi’s Endless Fantasy* combined in my mind with the area that is constantly thinking about makeup designs, and I was like, crap**! How have I not yet drawn something game-related on my eyes.

And so it came to pass that I started the laborious task of trying to draw pixellated game characters on my eyes. Plus some tetris blocks, and the word “Push Start”, of which I have already received all the rude intepretations, ta.

retrogamingAnyway. The blue background is from GOSH 9 Shades: To Play With in Vegas, the yellow for Pac-Man and blue and white for Inky is from Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Acid Brights, and the eyeliner, as always, my one true love*** Bourjois. There was a lot of dabbing. I mean, a lot of resting the edge of my hand on my cheek and then on my nose, and carefully dabbing a bit more.

This was much harder than any of my other designs, I think because usually I’ve got a bit more freedom in how I represent a heart or a tree or whatever. But game characters, with their blocks and straight lines, are a bit more definite. And thus dabbing is a bit a more careful.

– hazy shade of glitter

*I’m totally not ashamed that I started off by listening to Mortal Kombat: The Album
**you better believe that it was a far, far stronger word than this
***sorry mr hazy shade, you had to find out sooner or later

Happy International Women’s Day 2017!

It’s International Women’s Day, and this year they are asking for people to #BeBoldForChange. Before we get onto today’s makeup design, I’d like to take the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women.

When I’m not drawing on my eyes, I do a bit of work for Ada Lovelace Day, founded and run by my amazingly talented friend Suw Charman-Anderson. Ada Lovelace Day is an organisation that champions women in Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering (STEM), highlights their work and achievements, and encourages girls to consider STEM interests and careers. While Ada Lovelace Day itself, and the success of the women highlighted are obviously at the forefront, none of this would happen without Suw’s dedication and passion. She has even put together a woman in STEM crochet project! In 2015, Womanthology wrote a detailed piece about her work here, as well as the importance of Ada, and it’s well worth a read. So Happy International Women’s Day, Suw, Ada and all the other inspiring women, who do slightly more important things than fannying about with eyeliner*…

And now back to our regularly scheduled makeup. As it’s IWD, I thought I’d try drawing a cameo silhouette of a woman on my eyelid.

cameoSo firstly, I put on some pink eyeshadow from GOSH 9 Shades: To Play With in Vegas palette. Looking back at my posts, I realise I’ve used pink quite a lot, so I might need to go for some other colours soon. What can I say, it contrasts really well with the black. Anyway, I put that all over the top lid, a bit under the bottom eyelashes, and then used some purple from GOSH 9 Shades: To Have Fun With In LA palette** under the bottom lashes too.

I then looked up some clipart of cameos and found one of a woman looking rather proud with a hat at a jaunty angle. I discovered that, actually, drawing profiles is really, really tricky. So by the time I got to the border I’d run out of steam a bit, and just started doodling anything, and then it all got a bit wonky. But there we are. Of course, it goes without saying that it was Bourjois eyeliner for the design. I am, however, considering trying out some pens rather than a brush. This might help my drawing a little.

– hazy shade of glitter

*not that I’m knocking it, you can pry my eyeliner out of my cold, dead hands
**yes, I do have a lot of GOSH palettes and yes, I love them all. Who wouldn’t?

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i’ll take another ‘drink me’, baby

So hey, gang, since it’s World Book Day, thought I’d try some sort of book-themed eye makeup.

drinkmeMy initial thoughts were for something Harry Potter-esque, but after an ambitious attempt at drawing Hogwarts*, I decided to go with Alice In Wonderland** instead.

I quite enjoy writing on my eyes, so decided to go with the “Drink Me” label that Alice finds on the bottle. I used white and the dark pink from Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Acid Brights and then my trusted Bourjois eyeliner for the everything else. I covered the entire lid in white, and very carefully*** drew Drink Me on it, then went round the outside so it looked like a label. Finally, I tapped some pink round the edges just to make it stand out.

And there we are. I’ve also tested out a few, ahem, swear words, and will blog about those in future…

– hazy shade of glitter

*you try drawing an entire castle on your eyelid
**Disney version, ‘cos clearer label
***because I’m stupid, I didn’t flip the image I was using, which meant drawing it backwards on my own eyelid, while fearing this scene from Mean Girls