about me


I like eye makeup. A lot. This has at times verged into the ridiculous*, but my stubborness does mean I will style it out.

My early attempts involved an ill-fated experience with a purple Sindy eyeshadow. Thankfully, my application and range has slightly improved.

However, I’m rubbish at following instructions, and favour a more experimental technique (read: play around until something works).

But people have asked, and children have stared, so the next logical stage is a blog.

The blog name came out of a discussion involving a Vanilla Ice parody (sadly not available), which then lead to a Bangles cover and an “imaginative” change of winter to glitter. I’m creative, me.

My other interests are glittery, kitsch, retro, goth and naff** stuff. If I find something I’m really excited about, like a light up rocket bag, for instance, then I really need to share.

*there will be a post about this
**not the jackets, ’90s kids.



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