happy pi(e) day

So it’s Pi Day, that illustrious celebration when fans of maths and baked pastry dishes* set aside their differences, and come together in celebration of the humble pi or pie.

In reality, of course, I don’t think it’s actually pie day, but us Brits do love a homophone, so pies get a lot of love too.

With that in mind, I decided to draw a quick sketch of a pie. Definitely not the numbers, since that would just be, well, numbers, and truthfully I thought it would be funnier to draw an actual pie. Although the more I think about it, it’s probably not that funny. Or I piedaycould have just drawn the symbol. Crap, and it would have been a subtle reference to The Net too.

If that wasn’t enough, just after I’d finished it and taken some pictures, and while mr hsog** was making some lunch, there was a knock at the door. I was about to answer it when I suddenly remembered the not too subtle pie on my eyelid, panicked and got mr hsog to go instead, hoping he’d tell ’em to bugger off. It was, unfortunately, someone about the boiler***, who had to come in, while I hid in the dining**** room hastily cleaning a pie off my eye. Now henceforth known as PieLid.

– hazy shade of glitter

*not that these are mutually exclusive
**a shortening of hazy shade of glitter, in case that code was to hard to crack, which serves to protect the identity of mr hsog, although really if you know who I am, you probably know who he is, and frankly, I’m not trying that hard at all
***in my head I can hear “my, what a gripping life you do lead”
****it’s a room with a table and chairs, a piano and a computer. We rarely dine in it, but the naming convention has stuck


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